What we do

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At Entertainment Arts, Inc we provide A/V  System Design work,  or most commonly System Design/Build. this method provides the best value for most clients. A simplified workflow and interaction with fewer firms makes this an attractive option. The images on this page show typical room modeling and audio system acoustic performance information for system design. Below you will find a description of both types of projects.

Design only

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A Design Only provides the client with the design prints and equipment specifications necessary for their project. The design prints we create include a great deal of specific details on the installation and integration of the AV system. After the design prints are created, they are delivered to an architect that will start a bidding process for the design. The bidding process itself can take some time as the search for an appropriate contractor is not always quick. Since this service involves multiple parties (client, designer, architect, and contractor bidding on the project), we understand how important an efficient line of communication is to ensure a proper system is designed. Our design prints contain all the necessary information and details crucial in building a successful project.
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Examples of design prints we typically provide:

  • Acoustic Design
  • Acoustic Prediction Model (EASE)
  • Electrical Plot for AV System
  • Conduit Plot for AV System
  • Theatrical Lighting Plot
  • Speaker Location Plot
  • Video System Plot
  • AV System Schematic Diagram
  • Equipment Specification List

Design – Build

A Design-Build as the name suggests, provides the client with design and complete installation and integration of a system. Unlike the Design Only service, there is no bidding process since finding a third party contractor is not necessary, thereby saving time. There is also less time spent on diagramming wiring, rigging, and installation in the design prints because the contractor is in house and a part of the design process from the start. Designs and decisions are discussed directly between the client and contractor ensuring the client will be getting what they are looking for. In addition, because we are building it, our client can trust it will be the best quality.

Whether it’s just a design you’re seeking or both design and build, we have all of the necessary knowledge and equipment to meet your needs. We create quality designs and professional builds for our clients while finding the most cost-effective solutions.

Please contact us if you have any questions about any of the services we provide.