Lake Sumter Community College

Sumterville, Florida


The Situation: About a year ago Lake Sumter Community College contacted us about an audio renovation of their Gymnasium. The old system was antiquated and broken. It was not a very well system to begin with, it continually gave problems. Over the years they tried to put patches on it, installing other speakers with little luck or success. The main complaint was poor coverage, unintelligibility, and all kinds of feedback problems.

Our Solution: Multi-use and no feedback were the key words for the new system. We had athletic events, classes, clinics, and other events such as the college’s main graduation ceremony.

The system consisted of a primary audio booth in the bleachers and a floor level remote operation rack. Each station could activate 3 presets on remote panels. Ashly processing was chosen to handle the system processing and preset switching. The system had 2 zones of audio: the main floor and the bleacher area. Presets for the Main Floor, Bleachers Only, and a combined Main Floor and Bleachers allowed the user to choose how much of the audio system to use. Many functions didn’t have a need for the whole system. The objective was to only produce signal where it is needed (remember what a gym sounds like empty).

Radian Audio’s RCX 122PV’s were chosen for the main floor because speech articulation in this reverberant environment was key. The bleacher speakers were Radian RCX 108PV. Both were Dual concentric coaxial speaker design, point source alignment at its best. The mix duties from the main booth were handled by an Allen & Heath Mix Wizard. A U.S. Audio Mix6 was chosen for simple control from the floor. Crown XTi amplifiers were at the heart of the system.

Update: Greg Cuumba, the college’s main technical person, reported that the 08-09 graduation had gone off as well as expected with minimal issues.

Equipment List

  • Audio System:

    • Allen & Heath Mix Wizard
    • U.S. Audio Mix6
    • Crown XTi Amplifiers
    • Radian RCX 108PV
    • Radian Audio’s RCX 122PV
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